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Vertical Pulverizer

The raw material stably takes into milling room by the screw feeder. The high speed rotating hammer forces to material with Impaction friction, extrusion and shearing stress which break the raw material into small particle. The fine particles are blow up by the air flow and classification by the air separator. Big particle will be returned to milling room and grinding again. The grinder is silent by assembling with a muffler box.

Finesse 60~90 mesh
No screen design (no screen cost and block problems)
Low temperature during grinding
Tooth liner is separable and replaceable
Air separator, evenly practical size
Remove the impure material by gravity
With optional hydraulic pressure cover system

Vertical Pulverizer
Model Main Motor Feed Motor Capacity Fineness
ZP-125A 200HP 4P Shrimp feed 4.0~5.0 T/H 60~90 mesh


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