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VCCR Dryer

VCR stands for vertical cross-flow rotary
The round shaped dryer features several superposed, rotating decks which carry the product to be dried. Every deck consists of numerous perforated screen segments. Each of these separate segments is tipped automatically, one after the other, so that the product can slowly and gentle slide down onto the subjacent deck. The cylindrical design containing several decks one above of the others is extremely space and energy saving. The round shaped dryer generates a very homogeneous air flow stream inside the dryer which allows a uniform treatment of the product with tight moisture tolerance.

Features and benefits
Homogeneous and uniform stream of process air flow are the key issues generating best tolerance ratio of final moisture grain by grain.
Constant tumbling (up to seven times) of the product to be dried leads to best results in uniform water evaporation.
Saving  of  thermal energy means using waste heat available on site, heating source going to be used can either be hot water  (up to 110°C), saturated steam (up to 10 bars over pressure) or even exhaust gas from CHP-plants. Waste process drying (recycling) air can be used to lower down thermal energy as well.
Modular based design of the body allows upgrading of throughput rates at any time.


VCCR Dryer
Model Horse Power Operation Capacity (TPH) Steam Consumption
VCCR-225-4 1HP4P 1/1030 1.5~1.7 390kg/Hr
VCCR-300-7 2HP4P 1/1030 5.5~6.0 1,380kg/Hr

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