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Single Screw Extruder

Features and Benefit

Uniform expansion and sufficient cooking provided.
Multi-selection product shape.
Floating and good water stability for extruded aqua feed.
Special processing for small pellets with nice appearance.


  Single Screw Extruder
Model Feeder Pre-conditoner Cutter Main Motor Capacity (THP)
EP-150 Model Horse Power Model Horse Power Model Horse Power
FSM-13T 3HP4P-1/15 KX-4633D 5HP4P1/8 EK-150 3HP4P 150HP4P 2.0~2.5
EP-170 FSM-20T 5HP4P-1/15 KX-5643D 10HP4P1/8 EK-170 5HP4P 250HP4P 3.5~4.0
EP-170/6 FSM-20T 5HP4P-1/15 KX-6350D 15HP4P1/8 EK-170-6 7.5HP4P 250HP4P 5.0~5.5
EP-218 FSM-25T 5HP4P-1/15 KX-6956D 25HP4P1/11 EK-218 10HP4P 400HP4P 10

Note: Capacity is based on making floating sea bass feed at 6 mm die with expansion ratio of 1.5

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