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Product Details

Screw and Liner

Product  Advantages
1. Controlling component wear longer life up to 40 month (9600hr)
2. Reduce parts replacement and maintenance costs 50%-80%
3. Minimized downtime, ensuring production continuous
4. Maximized capacity and profit
5. Uniform particles
6. Durable for high impact, pressure and temperature(1100F/1900F)
Characteristic of Cladding Material
1. >70,000(psi) = 483 Mpa metallurgical bond.
2. High tungsten carbide loading ,microstructures.
3. Hardness>72RC
4. Consistent cladding and thickness


Liner sleeve

Extruder liner sleeve is put for long process life. Best quality material is used to ensure the liner with best reliability. Heat treatment and stainless steel increase wear performance. Entire surface of sleeves are polished maximizing

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