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There is considerable proportation of flour is contained in the shrimp feed. And How to keep pellets in water with stabilize and nutriment always play an important role in feed quality. the most effective and economy method to increase feed viscosity and nutriment is cooking flour which condition – groove provide feed with a rapid condition room. the pellet quality will be better after condition room. when pellets through the pellet conditioner also decrease powder.

Features and Benefit
Special design for shrimp and high quality feed condition.
Precise structure for easy repair and inspection.
Upgrade quality and stability in water of pellets.
Residual screwed out and keep machine cleaning.


Post Conditioner
Model Main Motor Fan Discharger Screw Conveyor
KC-05A 1HP4P 1/500 x 2 1HP4P*2             2HP4P  1/30      1/2HP4P  1/30
KB-05B 2 HP4P N/A N/A 2HP4P  (油泵)
KC-06D 2HP4P x 2 1/500 1HP4P*3 2HP4P  1/30 1/2HP4P 1/30


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