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Pellet mill for Aquafeed

Raw materials are well mixed and steam-added in the pre-conditioner and flow into the pelletizing chamber by the feeding hopper (1). Operator can check the mixture condition by opening the inspection door. (2). The pelletizing chamber is composed of a die (3) two rolls (4) and a inner cover (5) The die is bound to the driven head by the clamp (6) The mixture owing to the centrifugal force, remains inside the inner cover until the deflectors (7) of the front support plate, while rotating, collect and distribute it between the rolls and the die. Mixture will be forced to pass through the die holes and pelletized. Pellets will cut away from the die surface by cutters (8) The feeding hopper has equipped with a pneumatic valve (9) When the main motor is overloaded, this valve will be opeded automatic and the mixture will flow away without into the pelletizing chamber. The function protect the main motor in advance.

Features and Benefit
ISO 9002 certified.
Steady feeding, homogeneous mixing.
Effective conditioning and gelatinization.
Strictly selective steel material.
Upgrade feed quality.
Lower production cost.



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