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Horizontal Dryer

The cabinet dryer drys wet material by the way of wind drying. The moisture is vapored and drawn out at the time when hot air flow through dryer.

Features and benefit
Screen pilling-up conveyor belt. Easy to clean and durable.
Precision in its structure. With inspection door which is easy for opening/closing and convenient for repair and maintenance.
A multi-layer of conveyor belt attached with a flexible device solving the problem of expansion and shrinkage.
An oscillating type of material scattering equipment which ensures the even spreading of the material.

Operation features
The form pellets the moisture will pressed into pellets and make it difficult to be stored. Cabinet dryer can dry pellets in short time. Powder will screw out at bottom screw. The hot air can recycle to reduce power lose. Drying conveyer can auto adjust if there is any thermal expansion.


Horizontal Dryer
Model Horse Power Capacity kg/hr Steam Consumption
CD-2008 1HP4P-1/559*2 2,500 1,120(KG/HR)
CD-2508 2HP4P-1/559*2 4,000 1,350(KG/HR)
CD-2508H 2HP4P-1/559*3 6,500 1,780(KG/HR)
CD-2510 2HP4P-1/559*2 6,500 1,650(KG/HR)
CD-3010 3HP4P-1/559*2 9,000 2,400(KG/HR)
CD-3010H 3HP4P-1/559*3 11,000 2,740(KG/HR)
CD-3012H 3HP4P-1/559*3 11,000 3,150(KG/HR)

Note: Steam consumption is based on making floating fish feed at 6 mm die with expansion ratio of 1.5

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