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Contra-Twin Extruders

The business of feed and food has faced ever stronger challenges such as manufacturing cost and continuing with the quest for pursuing better product quality. IDAH Contra-Twin Screw Extruder, invented with a background of 20 years research experiences in co-rotating twin screw extrusion technology, is a prominent solution for the coming century in extrusion business.
ContraTwin, a new extrusion technology designed with twin screw extrusion features but with re-engineered screw designs and rotation direction to accommodate future challenges emerging in feed and food industry. Challenge that is hard to solve with existed extrusion technology. Challenges include:

Wider raw material choice (Change of protein source)
Energy efficient (Better power to throughput ratio)
Higher pellet quality with wider product characteristics
Lower operation skill requirement (Short learning cycle)

ContraTwin is the hybrid technology invented to answer these challenges.
The system is comprised of a stirring feeder, a DDC pre-conditioner and a ContraTwin screw extruder. ContraTwin Screw Extruder is designed for a long run and smooth operation with advanced engineered material for all exchangeable wear parts.

Features and Benefits

Unique drive train to minimize capital costs, energy costs and maintenance costs – We engineer for rugged 24/7 operations
Screws in ConraTwin don’t waste energy shearing product. They convey even the most difficult fibrous ingredient mixes to the point in the extruder where we choose to do the work.
Our mid-barrel die with shaft support system is the place we choose to do the work for most products. This short intensive work zone minimizes the wasted energy resulting from traditional extrusion systems, with minimum back-flow (pressure flow) giving minimized length of the work zone, reducing torque.
The very positive action of the contra-rotating screws forms highly uniform pellets even when fibrer content is high or viscosity is low.

Contra Twin Screw Extruder
Model Feeder Pre-conditioner Cutter Main Motor Capacity(THP)
Model Horse Power Model Horse Powder Model Horse Power
EP-76D FSM-13T 3HP4P-1/15 KX-3826D 3HP4P1/8 EK-76 3HP4P 120kW(DC) 1.5
EP-156D FSM-20T 5HP4P-1/15 KX-6350D 15HP4P1/8 EK-156D 7.5HP4P 150HP6P 5.0~5.5
EP-156DL FSM-25T 5HP4P-1/15 KX-6956D 25HP4P1/11 EK-156DL 10HP4P 400HP6P 9.0~10

Note: Capacity is based on making floating sea bass feed at 6 mm die with expansion ratio of 1.5

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